Loyalty, easy!

  • Encourage customers to spend often & more with points & rewards
  • Only ask for a number: Reward and redeem effortless with mobile number verification
  • Omnichannel: in-store, phone, buying as a guest
  • Developer-friendly: pay-as-you-grow, license manager, API

How Booms Loyalty works

3. Painless reward and redeem

Customers choose to use or not their points during checkout, based on your set conditions. Easy authentication via mobile provider, and total points automatically update after every transaction.

1. Easy set up - Easy Join

Activate the WP plugin and set your reward rules for the amount spent on your WooCommerce store. Customers simply type in their phone number during checkout and join your loyalty program! Rewards can be anything you want, from percentage or amount discount to free products. or a combination.

2. Earn 1 point per local currency

Customers earn points automatically under their phone number, as they spend on your e-shop. 1 local currency = 1 point, simple and effective! Total points per customer are automatically updated after every transaction

Grow your business with Booms

Help websites and brands boost their sales

Booms Reward & SMS


Ideal for experimentation and brands that start now



Available on WordPress plugin directory. Free for ever!


Premium version. Pay as you grow and access licence management



Billed at €99/ year.
Includes 2 months free!


For high-volume partners who want customizations and API access


Starting At 100 Websites
Special discounted pricing!

Unique Features

Above all, it is a tool to help you boost sales and make your business more profitable.

Is a functional tool to achieve customer retention, attract new customers, get ahead of the competition. Most of all it is the tool to help you boost sales and make your business more profitable. What is more, it is a handy marketing tool to manage your stock effectively and realise business goals with minimum resources.

Can help you built better, more suitable and more efficient products and services. You can plan and make corrective actions to achieve business goals any time.

Help you build a strong and long lasting relationship with your customers by offering rewards every time they choose your e-shop for their needs. A happy customer will return. A happy customer is also your business advocate.

Booms Reward will help you retain and increase your client base by giving points as incentive to choose your e-shop every time. What is better than to make every customer a loyal customer?

Booms Reward will drive you to spend less on advertising and promotional campaigns by building a solid client base. By building a recurring business model, marketing becomes more easy and less expensive.

Booms Reward will set you ahead of your competition. That is true for all successful customer loyalty programmes that are planned and executed strategically. And you can have your own now.

Let's start loyalty program
on your digital retail shops

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For Developers

Easy, fast and based on your choice

There are two ways you can integrate your eshop with Booms Loyalty.

The first one, in case your eshop is built using woo commerce, you can install Booms Reward WordPress plugin in simple 5 steps and you are ready to boost your business by offering to your customers an easy and unique reward experience.

The second way, in case your eshop is not built using woo commerce, is to use our API. We will provide you full technical support and guideline assistance in order to be an easy and fast task for your technical team.

At last, for both above cases, Booms Loyalty can be offered not only for your eshop but also for your physical store transactions.

The plugin is suitable for all woo commerce e-shops.

API is suitable for all e-shops designed with platforms other than woo commerce

Integration with your physical store is available. Ask your support for more information.

What your customer view

A new section at shopping cart with your

E-shop look & feel, including

Point balance based on the shopping cart Active reward options from a drop down menu to choose from Automatic balance update with a new transaction / redemption Point view even if purchase is made as a visitor.

Easy check out – Easy Rewards

Booms Reward & SMS

A new section at shopping cart with your

With Booms Reward & SMS you can create your own SMS campaigns thought Booms Reward plugin. Using numerous filleting options, you can target any group of customers based on your message and business goals. A simple and straightforward flow guides you to complete the process.

You can cancel, copy or postpone your campaign any time. You can schedule tactical future campaigns for better time management.

Plans & Features

No installation worries – Easy Install in 10 minutes No FTP process, no programming skills required Points balance automatically at shopping cart Entry unlimited users and members Log user and member activity Loyalty transparency: 1 local currency = 1 point Free technical support

Booms Reward

Booms Reward & SMS

Access level 2
features - Operator

Add customer

Reward points manually

Redeem points manually

View reward conditions

View branch transactions list

View branch customer list

View customer report card

Edit reward conditions

View customers from other branches – where applicable

View statistics

View/edit business information